Chemical Sector: How to give effective presentations in english

Puntos fuertes

  • Eminently practical training in wich small presentations in English will be held by all students


Using specific language of the rubber sector, we will achieve the following objectives:

  • Acquiring skills needed to give effective presentations in English, in a clear and concise way.
  • Knowing to communicate in a formal and informal way.
  • Learning how start presentations, and also how describe graphics and other features.
  • To assimilate how to speak with confidence, to grab the attention and inspire your client or audience.
  • To discover the best techniques to engage and connect with your audience.

Dirigido a

To all those professionals who, because of their job characteristics, they must regularly give effective presentations in English.


  1. Barriers and filters in English communication.
    • Understanding barriers and how to overcome them.
  2. Preparation for the speech.
    • Introduction, body and conclusion.
    • Oral and body language.
  3. English Language techniques.
    • Essential Vocabulary and phrases.
    • Effective Openings in English.
    • Techniques for effective presentations using structures: Signposting, Focusing, Emphasizing, Dramatic Contrast, Creating Rapport.
    • Describing graphs and trends.
    • Managing the audience and dealing with questions confidently.

All contents will be worked based on the specific language of the rubber sector

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